Leading Manufacturer of Grating Products and Accessories in New Zealand

Christchurch based Steel Grating Ltd manufacture and supply a range of steel, FRP and aluminium grating, stair treads, and associated products for clients New Zealand wide

Steel Grating Ltd offer a product range designed for various applications across a range of industries.

Our products include:

Mild steel grating - economic and strong with superior spanning capabilities.
FRP grating - lightweight/nonconductive / non sparking. Used in environments where the physical properties are critical due to its corrosion resistant properties.
Aluminium grating - lightweight alternative to mild steel grating while still achieving great spanning capabilities, also popular in architectural settings
Stair treads – Mild steel, FRP and aluminium stair tread options available
Ball stanchions - Where edge protection / guard railing is required we offer a variety of standard stanchion posts to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1657. Closure / rail bends – available to complement our ball stanchions
Grating for vehicular loadings – Grating types suitable for various vehicular loadings
Grate fastenings – Various fixing clips for our grating product
Ancillary items for our grating products - Yellow abrasive nosings, yellow abrasive grip plates, grate mesh and grate plate products.

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Technical Expertise -Whether we are supplying stock sheets, one off grates or working on large fabrication projects, the team at Steel Grating Ltd will be able to help you with any technical queries. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding any of our products.

Strict Quality Control – Our materials are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited facilities to ensure quality of our raw products. Our dedicated fabricators take pride in their work and have many years experience working with grating products. We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure everything we supply is correct to what is required before it leaves our manufacturing facilities.

Personalised Service and Fast Turnaround Times - We understand that timeframes can be tight and our delivery is what sets us apart from our competitors and why our clients continue to use us. We will always ask when a job is required and deliver within the required time frame.

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Steel Grating Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated leading grating manufacturer supplying the industry for over 25 years. We are committed to supplying quality products and solutions to our clients at competitive prices. We achieve this by conforming to the relevant NZ and international standards within our industry and strict in-house quality control systems to ensure everything is supplied correctly and as specified.

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Wide range of applications for Steel Grating Ltd's products

If you have any questions about whether our grating products and other associated products would be right for your requirements, please contact us.

Some typical applications include:

  • Flooring
  • Stair treads
  • Walkways and ramps
  • Hand / guard rails
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Drain covers
  • Man hole covers
  • Trench grates
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Balustrade infill
  • Sun screens
  • Architectural facades
  • Vehicle loadings
  • And many other applications

Steel Grating Ltd's products are utilised in many industries

Steel Grating Ltd's products are used by a wide range of industries and commercial businesses. With products ranging from maintenance and service walkways, ramps and stairs to vehicular drain covers and trench grates, Steel Grating Ltd's products are found in multiple situations where ease of movement, safety and quality is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions about how our grating products and other associated products would suit your requirements, please contact us.

Industries that use our products include:
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Automotive and assembly industries
  • Oil, gas and mining installations
  • Dairy installations
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Processing plants
Leading Manufacturer of Grating Products and Accessories in New Zealand
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