Welcome to Steel Grating Limited, where we manufacture strong, safe, no-maintenance steel grating and accessories for a wide range of industrial uses.

Steel Grating Manufacturer
Aluminium Grating

Steel Grating Limited is the only grating manufacturer in the South Island. From our Christchurch headquarters we manufacture and fit a variety of economical and practical products for commercial buildings, the automotive and assembly industries, factories, oil installations, generating plants and food processing. In fact, Steel Grating Limited’s products can be utilised anywhere that ease of movement and safety is required for staff and merchandise.

Because of our robust design and spanning abilities our steel grating is extremely strong and safe for the support of structures such as mezzanine floors and elevated walkways. Steel grating has many uses in the freezing industries as hygienic flooring for livestock pens and sheds, and for small applications such as drain covers. The grating has 80% open area which makes for quick and easy wash-downs and fast natural drying.

Building to published Australian standards, Steel Grating Limited also offers fibre glass grating in addition to our steel and aluminium grating systems and accessories.

Steel Grating Limited has been owned and operated by Richard (Rick) Montagu since January 1997. At Steel Grating Limited we are dedicated to ensuring the job is completed on time and to your satisfaction. Each job can be custom designed to fit your requirements.